Thursday, October 4, 2018

Principal's Blog 10/5/18

October 5th, 2018

Dear Parents,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  We raised $16,121.63 on our Run for Funds this year which is 129% of our GOAL!  Your generosity is overwhelming and we are so appreciative.  

This money will go into the PTIB Fund.  We have had several parents ask about where exactly this money is going.  In an effort to increase transparency we are in the process of placing a live balance sheet on our website so all can see how funds are spent.  Right now we have a process in which staff members fill out a request form and seek to get it approved from their team members and then ultimately, me.  I check to see if the need is legitimate and aligned with our practices.  If so, we purchase the item and PTIB funds reimburse us.  If the request is a large, the request is taken to the PTIB meeting to be approved.  Please see any PTIB member or feel free to contact me should you have questions and watch for our balance sheet to be posted on our website.

On August 21, the Douglas County School District Board of Education voted to place a $40 million Mill Levy Override (MLO) and $250 million no-new-taxes Bond on the 2018 ballot. Unlike our neighboring school districts, Douglas County School District has not passed a MLO or Bond since 2006.  This is an important vote and one in which we need informed voters. 

According to a survey, a quality school district leads to increased home values. In fact, one out of five home buyers said they would pay between six and 10 percent above their budget to live in the “right” school district.

Funding is always a hot topic - whether you are talking about your family's budget or our great school district. Here are the top five common questions - and answers:
  1. How will my child's school - or the school in my neighborhood - benefit from additional local funding?
  2. What would the MLO/Bond cost the average homeowner or business owner?
  3. What do our schools need?
  4. Can't DCSD just cut administrative costs?
  5. Why can't our schools use marijuana tax revenue?

You can read more about Douglas County School District’s funding challenges at and or watch THIS Video.

For Halloween this year we will have students come to school in costume in the morning. Students will enter the building, go to their classrooms and then head to the gym for a short assembly beginning at 9:15. Students will have their classroom parties following the assembly. 4th grade students may have a different schedule so please look to those teachers for communication. After the class party, students will remove costumes and a normal school day will resume.

Thank you for continuing to be an engaged and informed member of our school community!  I hope your family has a restful and restorative break and we will see you October 15th!

Kristin Drury