Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Principal's Blog 8/22/18

The 18-19 School is is off and running!

We have had a wonderful start.  Our first annual "Clap In" was a success as we had numerous community and district members making the opening to the school year something that put a smile on all faces.

Teachers have been busy collaboratively setting rules and expectations for classrooms, lunch time, and recess.  Overall we have had numerous reports about how calm, safe, and organized the building feels.

For School Supply Drop Off/Meet the Teacher we had a wonderful turnout.  It was nice to begin the school year with an informal event with you all.  Back to School Night had a little lower turn out.  Those in attendance have shared appreciation to sign up for volunteer opportunities as well as learning about expectations, curriculum, and procedures.

Our first formal community event is here!  Please join us on Friday for Disney's Wreck it Ralph.  We will gather in the gym and enjoy a great evening together.  I hope to see you there!

Just a reminder....  please remember to pick up and drop off on the sidewalk side of the Drop Off and Pick Up Zone only.  We have some parents opening doors where there is a flow of traffic trying to pass, causing some close calls!  Also, please stay in your cars when you are picking up.  This will make the process move as quickly as possible.  Thank you for your help!

Please make sure you have signed up to volunteer at the school or classroom level.  We need your help to make Legacy Point the very best place possible.  One easy way to volunteer is to collect Box Tops.  We are trying to raise money for a rock wall in the gym and could really use your help!  We are also looking for donations of recess equipment (basketballs, soccer balls, jump ropes, etc).  If you can donate anything we would be appreciative.  Our Parent Teacher Organization is hosting an open house at the Anthropology Club house next Tuesday at 4:15.  Please stop by, meet some parents, and determine ways to get involved!  

Lastly, Please don't forget August 28th is NOT a typical school day.  Teachers are requesting for you to sign up for a time slot for your child to take specific assessments . We will use this data to determine an accurate reading level so we can monitor and ensure your child makes a minimum of one year growth regardless of where he/she starts.  Data will be shared with you at Parent Teacher Conferences.

As always thank you for your support.  It has been wonderful getting to know you and I know this year will be sensational.

Kind Regards,

Legacy Point Elementary
Learn, Live, Love, Laugh and Leave a Legacy

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

8-8-18 Beginning of the 2018-19 SY

Welcome Back!
Just a couple of quick reminders...

Today, Wednesday, August 8th from 4-6 is Meet Your Teacher and School Supply Drop Off.  Come enjoy some Kona Ice and see your classroom!

Thursday, August 9th we will have a Clap In to begin our school year.  Please join us at 8:55 as we line the sidewalks and clap our students into the new school year. 

Wednesday, August 15th is Back to School Night. Please arrive in the auditorium at 6:00 and  bring a baggie with some Box Tops and get a prize!  We are collecting Box Tops to fund a rock climbing wall by fall break.  To make this happen we need 100% participation!

Lastly, remember to increase safety, we will be doing a rolling start to begin our day.  Beginning at 8:55 Students are welcome to enter the building and go to their classrooms.  After school we will be extending our dismissal areas where students are able to be picked up. It is our hope this will expedite the process.  We will monitor this system for effectiveness.    

Thank you for your support and as always, let's Learn, Live, Love, Laugh, and Leave a Legacy.
Kristin Drury
Legacy Point Elementary